Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Summer Object Challenge

I joined a Bee Team project called the Summer Object Challenge. Those who signed up were paired with a partner who sent them an object to use in an encaustic piece.

Melissa Hronkin sent me a lovely little red doily and some contact sheets from someone's wedding photos, probably from the 50's. This is what I was inspired to create:

To Have, To Hold
collage, foil transfer, and encaustic
12" x 12"

I couldn't bring myself to mess up the contact sheets, so I made copies and glued them to the board. Then I covered the board with clear medium and embedded the doily in the wax. Then I used some gold embossing foil (that a student gave me) - writing on it to transfer the foil to the wax.

detail of the doily

Oh, and there's me!