Sunday, July 13, 2008

Upcoming show in Provincetown, Massachusetts

Safe With Me, collage, colored pencil, and encaustic on panel
24" x 24"
My new Palimpsest series will be on exhibit at Ernden Fine Art Gallery in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

July 25 - August 7, 2008

Opening Reception
Friday, July 25
7-9 pm

I won't be able to make it to the reception (just blew the travel budget for the next couple of years!), but I hope you can stop by if you're in the area.

I've been busy getting this work ready to go. This weekend I was supposed to be packing the work and finishing up a couple, but I started a few new ones instead!

You can see the whole series (so far) in this Flickr set.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Home at Last

Just a quick post to let you know that I'm home!

My flight out of Scranton (did I mention how teeny their airport is?) was late, so I missed my connecting flight in Atlanta (their airport is the opposite of teeny), but I was able to get on the next flight out. So I got back home around midnight last night.

It's good to be back, even though it is 100 degrees outside.

My son and I slept very late this morning and then got some Mexican food for lunch. I had been jonesin' for some good tex-mex after being on the east coast! I had great pizza, greek, seafood, etc, but I missed my greasy, cheesy, fried (and oh so healthy) tex-mex...

So I've restocked the kitchen, gone through the mail, and now I guess I need to unpack. A nap sounds nice, too.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


beautiful paper that I bought at New York Central art supply

So we packed up and headed out today. I packed all my supplies and shipped them back yesterday. Laura put her wet paintings into her UHaul today.

I'm at the airport waiting on my flight, which looks like it might be late. Keep your fingers crossed that I get to Atlanta in time to catch my flight to Dallas! Hopefully these insurance salesmen behind me will be leaving on a different flight...

Anyway, I had a fabulous time and am kind of sad to leave! If I had it to do differently, I might have brought some painting supplies instead of book supplies. I felt like I was kind of floundering at the beginning, since I didn't really have a plan for what I was going to do. Maybe I was just comparing myself to Laura, who was on a mission and who knew exactly what she wanted to do...

I did finally figure out what I wanted to do, and I will definitely be able to get a lot of work out of the experience when I get back. So it was definitely a great experience.

I would recommend applying for the residency next year. Check the Soaring Gardens website for application information. They like groups and women artists!

I really enjoyed it and I will probably be looking for another residency for next summer.