Thursday, July 06, 2006

More Resources

I've come across a few more good resources for marketing your artwork, effective business practices, etc. has a good article about getting your work into a gallery.

Here's another similar article from an alternative art magazine called Picklebird.

The Artist's Register also has their own take on it.

The New York Foundation for the Arts has some really great business articles.



tochtitlan said...

My name is mark and I also live in Texas. This December I will receive my BFA and apply to some graduate programs, probably UT and UTSA as I live smack in the middle of the two. UTSA is a little farther.

Anyway for my senior thesis my instructors, Jeff Dell and Brian Johnson required the thesis students to enter two juried exhibitions. So I entered the HCAF exhibition for undergraduate students attending college in Texas and also entered a national juried exhibition for undergraduate art students. I like making my work but sensitive to what others think of it. So I did not expect go get anything entered. When the accepted works were published all three of my screen prints made it into the HCAF show and one out of five that I entered got into the national exhibition at Slane college of Fine Art in Peoria ILL.. Richard Holland was the juror. So now I am somewhat confused. For instance if I were to be offered a scholarship out of state... When I really want to go to UT and UTSA second. What would you do?

Deanna said...

Congratulations, Mark! Getting work into 2 juried shows is at the same time is impressive.

I think if I were faced with a similar situation, I would choose the school that was my first choice.

Good luck!