Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Encaustic Conference - Best Foot Forward part 1

This year at the conference, the conferees were invited to bring one piece that measured 12" x 12" or less to hang in the hallway gallery. The Montserrat staff spent a long time applying tape to the wall to form a grid for the pieces to hang within.
I got there early, when there were only a few pieces installed, so it was fun to see the wall fill up with artwork. There were also a few 3-dimensional pieces that sat on pedestals in front of the wall.
Here are some photos of the hallway in various stages of the installation:

During the opening reception
Here are some shots of some of the pieces that I liked. I don't remember a lot of the artist information, but I included it where I knew it or could read the tag in the photo:

Pamala Crabb Burnham
Pamala Crabb Burnham (detail)

Paula Streeter

Congratulations to Karen Freedman! Her piece above was chosen by Joanne Mattera for the Director's Prize. For the first time, the prize was chosen from the work of the conferees.
I really enjoyed being able to see so much work in person. It was fun to meet someone and then ask them about their piece in the hallway and be able to have a conversation about it. It was also a great showcase of the variety of ways that artists use this versatile medium. I'm really looking forward to the "Everybody Into the Pool" show that Joanne is already talking about for next year!
There's a list of other conferees who are blogging about the conference on the Montserrat Encaustic Conference blog. Be sure to check them out!
To be continued...


Binnie said...

nice piece about the conference and to see your favorites!

Stephanie Clayton said...

i've really enjoyed reading about your experience at the conference.

so many wonderful works. that miles conrad piece amazes me!

Anonymous said...

Okay! I have this book marked better now.

This is interesting. I want to see all of those pieces! I've never seen so many put together in a pod like that, but then I have not been to any galleries in several years. It feels a bit luxurious to be able to see inside like this. Thank you for that!


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for posting all of these wonderful pieces!

I had to miss the conference this year, but now I've really got a lot to look forward to for next year!

I'd love to hear what you think of my encaustic art here: