Monday, June 11, 2007

Travel Fatigue

I returned today from my trip to the Boston area where I attended the First National Encaustic Conference. It was so much fun - lots of great information, networking, and ideas. I'm overwhelmed.

It was so much fun to talk to so many people who understand what you do. I'm so used to having to explain what encaustic painting is. It was refreshing to just talk about what kind of work we do. And of course, we all shared with each other about our techniques and processes.

I'm going to go through my notes, sort through all the business cards and postcards that I picked up, and upload my photos. I'll post a report in the next couple of days once I sort it all out!


CMC said...

As new to the encaustic process, I'm eagerly awaiting your take on the whole trip.

te said...

I'll have to live vicariosly through your report. My new status as 'artist mom' kept me from attending (my son just turned 8 months).

Are you a member of IEA? I know a bunch of them went to the conference and a few presented.

Also, I learned from a post that you're an artist mom... any wisdom to share (to a new mom) about juggling art and mommyhood?