Friday, September 22, 2006

More Resources

I think I forgot to mention a really useful book - The Practical Handbook for the Emerging Artist by Margaret R. Lazzari. It was a required book for the professional practices class that I took in grad school.

You'll find lots of information on getting your work out, making contacts, finding alternative exhibition spaces, documenting your work, researching galleries, and curating shows. There are even several interviews with artists. A great resource.

Alyson B. Stanfield at the Art Biz Blog posts lots of great information for emerging artists. Great stuff about pricing, getting into galleries, marketing, etc.

I just happened upon this website for the University of Texas at Austin's Fine Art Career Services. It's primarily for students and recent graduates of UT, but anyone can access the information. There's information on finding a job or internship, writing a CV, and there's even a Career Guide for Studio Art Majors (pdf file).

If you're a crafter or are thinking about starting a craft business, Make It is a great blog. Find information on where to sell your craft items, get organized, find inspiration, etc.

Please post any other resources that I might not have mentioned!

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Angela Wales Rockett said...

First, I took a look at your website and I love your work!

Next, thanks for the post, and for the blog. I too am and emerging artist, and it's great to be able to share the experience. I keep thinking I should be more diligent about blogging that experience, but I haven't yet, just the highlights really. Maybe your blog will be the inspiration I need to go deeper into that process.

And, finally a great resource book for you, in case you haven't found it on your own yet:

How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist by Caroll Michels is probably the number one book I turn to for all my art business matters.