Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Self Doubt

I'm always worried when I send my paintings out into the world. I'm afraid that when someone sees them in person, they'll be disappointed. Perhaps a gallery owner will like the images on my website but when they see the actual paintings, they'll say, "Ick. What was I thinking?"

But that's what it's all about, really. You do your best to create your work and then when it's out of your hands it has a life of its own. There's always that risk that you'll get negative feedback or criticism. I suppose if you weren't willing to risk it, you'd just hide your paintings in a closet.

I sent some paintings off to a gallery earlier this week and have been having those secret worries and fears. The gallery owner sent me an email that said, "I received your paintings this morning and I'm thrilled. They are everything I hoped they would be."

How cool is that?


Karen Jacobs said...

Very cool... the next best thing is to have a gallery visitor watch the unwrapping of the first works and exclaim over them! I met this person years later and she told the same story the gallery had forwarded earlier. Wonder if there is this sort of person for hire?

James Wolanin said...

Yes, very cool. I often have the same self doubts. I suppose it's a normal reaction, but it's such a relief when they like your work.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! that is most cool. I admit I get that fear every time, it's so easy to doubt your own work, but it is worth it when you get a great reaction. it always comes as a surprise to me ;)

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

How nice for you to have received this confirmation of your work. As artists I think the self doubt comes with the territory. Me..... I'm still stuck on an Artists Statement.... (ah haa, here comes that self doubt).

Tracy Helgeson said...

It is nice to hear those sorts of comments. I am often nervous about sending work out yet I am also strangely confident about it as well. Guess both feelings serve a purpose.