Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Progress Report

I've been OCD lately and I've compiled a list of the galleries that I've sent my brochure to. These were mostly galleries that I researched from the Art in America Gallery Guide. I've been wondering how many I mailed out and how many responded...

Starting in April of 2005, I sent my brochure and cover letter to 168 galleries from Arizona to Wisconsin.

As of September, 2006, I've received 39 rejection letters (some form letters, some hand-written notes, and a few with valuable feedback).

I've received interest from 5 galleries for possible group shows in the future.

A gallery invited me to participate in a group show.

I received gallery representation and that gallery recently sold two of my paintings. That paid for my brochure printing and postage right there...

Three months ago, I sent my brochure, cover letter, and CD to 15 consultants (also from the Art in America Gallery Guide). I've only received one letter - a rejection... It's still fairly soon, though.

It was interesting to look back through the rejection letters. I so appreciate the people who took the time to write a note or give specific feedback, although after a while, I was happy to even get a form rejection letter. Well, not happy, but you know what I mean...

Next steps
I still have a list of galleries that had specific submission guidelines. I'm going to double check their websites one more time (to make sure they're still accepting submissions) and send them packets. I was specifically looking for galleries that would accept CDs. I haven't taken slides in a while - I document my work digitally now. Anyway, slides are just too dang expensive to send out to just sit on somebody's desk for six months.

I'm going to add all of the galleries that sent me rejection letters to my mailing list. Many of them specifically said, "Keep us on your mailing list," or "We'd like to see your work in the future." So who knows? Maybe someone who rejected me last year will like my work next year...


Anonymous said...

It's great to hear about the stats and the response. You give me hope.. I'm designing a brochure to send out because i am so inspired so thankyou very much :)

have you tried internationally yet- or are you sticking to national at this stage? and how do you select the galleries to send to? Do you visit them, or look at their site to see if they represent the sort of work you do?

Deanna said...

Good luck with your brochure, Jennie!

I've been focusing on galleries in the continental US so far. Shipping is so expensive...

It's best to be able to visit a gallery in person, but for the out of town galleries, I will look at their websites. I read the description of the gallery - if they say they represent only mid-career and established artists, then I don't bother. If they feature mostly realism or figurative work, then I'll move on to another one. But if they represent artists who do work similar to mine, and they're open to emerging artists, then I'll do further research. I also make sure to read their submission guidelines, if they have any.

Then I try to imagine my art hanging in their gallery among the other artists they represent. If I can picture it, then I'll pursue it further.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog through the Art Biz blog. Very nice blog. I like that you share your rejection letters. They always hurt the first couple times. Now I'm beginning to use them as wallpaper! Hah! Just remember that if you aren't getting any rejections, you aren't taking any chances.

Good luck with your coming out!